Our Process in Building Your Income Plan.

Our process for designing an income plan starts with some basic questions.  Those questions center around the questions one would ask in solving for virtually any problem.....Who, What, When, Where and How. 


  • Who are we creating an income plan for?
    • One Person?
    • You and Your Spouse?
    • You and a special needs person?

  • Who are the beneficiaries of your IRA or pension plan?


  • What will your retirement look like?
    • Travel?
    • Moving?
    • New Business?
    • Still Working?


  • When do you want to retire?
  • When can you afford to retire?
  • When should you turn your retirement income stream on?


  • Where are your current assets positioned?
  • Where does Social Security or an employers pension fit into your plans?


  • How will you help protect yourself against heath risks that would require long term care?
  • How will you help protect yourself against inflation?
  • How do you wish to leave a legacy for your family, friends or an institution?

These questions are where we start.  These questions help us and you lay out a game plan for your retirement years.

From here we can then develop a coordinated plan designed to provide you with monthly income through your retirement years.  We identify which assets or income streams to apply to specific needs and wants.  We utilize guaranteed income streams such as social security, defined benefit pension benefits and insured income streams to provide for basic needs.  We then utilize existing assets and income streams for lifestyle needs such as travel, golf, immediate charitable wishes and family needs or wants.  Finally, we identify assets and income streams to provide for legacy planning for your family, friends, church or other institutions if legacy planning is something you desire. 

Guarantees are based upon the claims-paying ability of the issuer. 

We work with you to create your customized income plan.....Your Retirement Income Strategy.