How Guarantees Can Add Peace of Mind to Your Income Plan

As we saw after the tech bubble burst of 2000, the 9/11 attack and its' aftermath and the credit crunch crisis of 2008 the only thing certain about the equity markets is the certainty that they have become more volatile than ever. 

History has shown us that investment in an equity or bond portfolio can be an effective way to accumulate and grow assets over an extended period of time.

History has also shown us that if an individual withdraws money from an equity or bond portfolio during times of extreme negative volatility that even a modest rate of withdrawal can dramatically impact the portfolio value. 

So....How can you help protect yourself ?

Investing involves risk, including loss of value.


There are several strategies a person can use to compliment a traditional investment portfolio and help provide themselves with a consistent, guaranteed monthly income. Some examples are:

  • You can purchase certificates of deposit through commercial banks. CD's are FDIC insured;
  • You can purchase an immediate or deferred annuity from an insurance company that can immediately, or eventually, provide a fixed monthly income;

Of course.....a combination of some or all of the above can also be utilized.

Even with their guarantees each of the above strategies carries an element of risk.  The key to implementing an effective income plan is to balance the risk of a strategy against the potential benefit of  a strategy.  That is where Retirement Income Strategies, LLC can be of greatest benefit to you.  We can help you evaluate, balance and manage these guarantees and their risks to effectively implement your income plan.   To Effectively Implement.....Your Retirement Income Strategy.    

Insurance product guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the insurer.