Raymond Everding, CFP

Welcome to Retirement Income Strategies, LLC.

Over the past 20 years the landscape for retirement has changed dramatically.

  • People are living longer.

  • Traditional employer pensions are disappearing.

  • Social Security and Medicare are facing serious challenges.

  • Inflation continues to reduce purchasing power.

  • Fears over increased stock market volatility.

  • Interest rates on savings or Certificates of Deposit are at some of the lowest levels in a generation.


    The concerns are obvious


    Some solutions will require action on the part of investors to help:

  • Position assets to provide income that they can not outlive;

  • Protect their hard earned assets;

  • Position those assets to protect future purchasing power; and

  • Protect against a long term health issue that could deplete their assets

At Retirement Income Strategies, LLC we can help you design and implement a plan designed to meet your objectives.  Our process in designing your plan is described further on this site. Other relevant information on issues challenging the creation of a retirement income plan are also on this site. 

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